Fratzoor + Distel vsti

Fratzoor is an analog style Step-Sequencer which was designed to produce interesting bass-patterns very fast by using Randomizers (e.g.typical sliding monosynth
bassline)...also usable for chords. It gets triggered by a MIDI-Note. Additionally,
there are features like "Mode-Switch" and "Shifting of the Step-Position". Fratzoor also is controllable with any MIDI-Controller (TouchOSC for Smartphone, Nanokontrol, etc..)
Please read the Quickguide for further information.

  • 8-Step-Sequencer with Pitch-, Velocity-, Gate- and Shiftcontrol
  • Randomizers for Pitch, Velocity and Trigger
  • Different MIDI-Modes
  • Mono or Poly
  • MIDI-Learn
  • to use Fratzoor, it's MIDI-Out has to be connected to the MIDI-In of a Synth
    (how to, depends on your DAW)
  • Windows 32bit (works bridged as 64bit)
Download Synth-1


..Fratzoor + Distel are Free/Donation-Ware. Both are not limited in any function and you could use them however you want. I "might" add some features like "another 8-Steps", "MidiChannel-Switch", "CC-Lane" etc..


Distel was more or less the Testsynth for Fratzoor, but in the end it didn't sound too bad I think.There is not a lot to say about Distel.. it's based on subtractive synthesis and distorting in many differnet ways (1 Waveshaper for each Oscillator and another Waveshaper behind the Filters..) has a bass enhancer with several controls and some other things you will find out. There are some hidden features ;-)
Use the volumecontrols to manage distortion a bit..
You use Distel on your own risk !!

  • 2 Oscillators, 1 Waveshaper for each
  • 3 different Filters + adjustable modulation-ammount
    (Signal Flow : Filter 1,Filter 2, Filter 3) + another Waveshaper
  • 6 Voices and different Voice-Modes
  • adjustable Bass-Enhancer (fixed frequency at 80Hz)
  • LFO+Filter and Amp Envelope
  • Windows 32bit (works bridged as 64bit)
Download Synth-1


Mandelentzundung-Fratzoor Demo by TOK-TOK

everything but the Drums are Fratzoor + Distel

Neuser vsti

simple synth created with SynthmakerCM. The aim was to construct a little helper tool,
which produces typical filtermodulated sound with a few clicks and knob-turns.
You can draw your waveforms straight into the oscillator.

  • suboscillator + 2 wavedraw oscillators
  • multimode Filter
  • adjustable step-lfo
  • overdrive
  • Windows 32bit (works bridged as 64bit)
Download Synth-1


everything but the Drums and the Stuttereffect is Neuser

Sneaker! Reaktor Ensemble

experimental synth with 3 oscillators, 2 offer analog waveforms. I think the strength of
the synth are warm lead-sounds and experimental sequenced stuff...use Reaktor's randomize-function ;-)

  • 3 ocsillators, 2 with analog waveforms
  • 2 multimode Filter
  • modulation sequencer, lfo
  • modulation matrix
Download Synth-1


coming soon

FSA Reaktor Ensemble

a sequenced effect which also can be used as switch

  • 8 steps sequencer
  • smoother to adjust effects attack and release
  • replaceable reaktor-effects (explained in short manual)
  • overdrive
Download (also included in Sneaker!) Synth-1


...I would recommend to use the FSA-Version which is included in Sneaker! as it has the better midi-clock
from what I remember. The FSA solo Version will be updates in a while.

© 2012 by C.Brück